Many important figures in mixed martial arts and combat sports hail from Nova Friburgo, Brazil - Edson Barboza Jr., Alex Davis, Pablo Popovitch, Marlon Moraes and Vagner Rocha are among them. They have all been impacted by these tragic floods and mudslides. They have lost loved ones, friends, and most of their hometown to the mudslides that have ravaged this area of Brazil.   


It is a daily battle for survival in an area where the poor live in shacks built into hills. A month's worth of rain fell in one day, turning the ground into mud, and costing thousands their lives, homes, and belongings. These people's homes and belongings are now being washed away.  

Combat Athletes for Nova Friburgo is asking fans of MMA and their network of friends to donate whatever they can to help save lives impacted by one of Brazil's most deadly natural disaster.

Also a big thank you to Vibration Plate Info who made a huge donation to the cause.

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Thank you to all the combat athlete fans

that have and continue to support

the people of Nova Friburgo

during the aftermath of the 

2011 mudslides.

The people of Brazil truly appreciate all your efforts, now especially that all the news crews and photographers have left. Your donations will continue to support the people in their continual effort to rebuild – coming back stronger than ever before.

A Special thanks to

and all the bloggers

for their continued support

in getting the word out

about our efforts to aid 

our fellow combat athletes!